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Friday, February 14, 2014


While I don’t recommend watching this one on Valentine’s Day, Bridegroom is a powerful and emotional documentary that tells the tragic story of Shane Crone and Tom Bridegroom.  The young couple had been together for six years while Tom accidentally died after falling off a four story roof.  What happens next is unimaginable.  [Shane tells some of the story in a YouTube video he posted after Tom’s death.  It went viral and has been seen by millions of viewers.]

Tom’s family never approved of their relationship and barred Shane from attending Tom’s funeral.  Shane was even refused visitation privileges at the hospital while Tom was dying.  I found this particularly horrible since the hospital I work for part-time has always erred on the side of grace with same-sex relationships, even if the couple is not married.  To deny Shane visitation while his partner was dying is simply unforgivable.  It should not have happened.  But, unfortunately, it still does in hospitals across the country.

Crone is the main narrator of this story which also includes video footage of the couple, pictures as well as interviews of friends, mentors and Shane’s amazing mom whose love for both Shane and Tom is just wonderful to witness.

This documentary is a must-see for everyone who has an interest in LGBT equality.  This particular story makes a case for equal rights like few documentaries I’ve ever seen.  It would definitely be very effective in a church setting with a discussion afterward.

One cannot help but be moved by this story.  My husband and I couldn’t stop crying as we watched it.  Our prayers go out to Shane as he continues to heal.  It is a brave thing to be this vulnerable.  Shane, thank you, for doing this documentary.  The quality of the finished product is first rate and unforgettable.

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